To generate a shareable payment request link, you must log in to HousingAnywhere and go to the dropdown menu by clicking on your name and profile icon. If you’ve listed a property on the platform, you’ll see the option of ‘Payment Requests’. Once selecting this, you’ll be able to generate a payment request link right away. 

Make sure you fill out all the details:

  • Amount
  • Title 
  • Description* 
  • Due date 

After checking all the details are correct, press ‘Create Payment Link’. You can now select ‘Copy this link’ to paste and share your request with tenants not yet on HousingAnywhere (e.g. WhatsApp, FB messenger, email etc.). You can also click on ‘Create another’, to generate more shareable payment request links.

For more information check our How-To-Guide here.

*not a required filled but a chance for you to elaborate upon the title of the request

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