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Rentmate Acquisition
How will the Rentmate acquisition affect me?
How will the Rentmate acquisition affect me?
What happens to my Rentmate account after the HousingAnywhere acquisition?
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1. The acquisition

HousingAnywhere has acquired Rentmate; thanks to this acquisition, Rentmate users now have access to an enhanced online rental experience, along with the full suite of tools on the HousingAnywhere platform:

  • HousingAnywhere's anti-fraud Artificial Intelligence 

  • Dedicated customer support in over 8 languages

Accommodation providers will have access to a much larger platform with almost 8 million users, which also offers support in non-technical fields, including marketing and business development. Providers will also benefit from HousingAnywhere’s partnerships with 150+ universities, connecting them to international students from all over the world.

2. What happens to my Rentmate account and existing listings?

Because traffic will be redirected to HousingAnywhere, your listings will no longer be discoverable to prospective tenants on Rentmate. This means that you need to sign up to HousingAnywhere and list your properties on our platform in order to make them visible. However, your Rentmate account will remain on Rentmate until the end of May 2020. You can sign up to HousingAnywhere and create an account here.

3. What happens to my rental payments?

Payments due from your existing Rentmate tenants will continue to be paid out to you as usual, and payment overviews are available on Rentmate until the end of May 2020. If you go on to acquire new tenants via HousingAnywhere, they will pay (and you will be paid out) through our payment system. Discover more about our online rent collection system here.

4. Are you searching for a place to rent?

Find out how the HousingAnywhere platform works here, or search for accommodation right away.

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