At HousingAnywhere the wellbeing of our users is always our primary concern. In these unprecedented times, we have carefully reviewed our cancellation policy in the interests of all parties, and consider the following terms to be the fairest for both tenants and advertisers.

As a result of the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, we are urging all users of HousingAnywhere to take all possible precautions and to consult all relevant medical advisories and local government travel advice in order to minimize potential danger to both tenants and advertisers.

Everyone is affected in some way by the consequences of the virus, and so we truly understand the difficulty of the situation. This policy is designed to help you, whether it be to protect your move abroad or protect the growth of your business.

Cancellation by tenant

In the situation that a tenant wishes to cancel their booking as a consequence of the Coronavirus, HousingAnywhere will fully refund the first month's rent provided that:

  • The booking was confirmed before the 14th of March and the move-in date is before the 30th of September, 2020.
  • The tenant can’t leave or enter the country due to the pandemic: the tenant must provide proof of the canceled flights, study program, internship, job position, etc. HousingAnywhere will receive them and assess the case.
  • The tenant requests the cancellation before the 30th of June. Any requests after this date will not be covered by this policy.

In these situations, the tenant will be entitled to make a free rebooking (no service fee will be charged) if this is made on HousingAnywhere within 12 months of the cancellation being made. There will be no penalty for the advertiser in this scenario.

Cancellation by advertiser

In the situation where an advertiser wishes to cancel their booking due to the current pandemic, the tenant will be refunded the full amount and the advertiser will not be penalized.

These situations are only applicable in cases where the tenant or advertiser contacts us before the payout date (usually 48h after the move-in date registered on the platform).

Please keep in mind that once the payout is sent to the advertiser, we are not able to modify commissions or refund tenants. Only when the advertiser has a personal commission plan based on total contract value, will we be able to modify the dates and commission accordingly.

Daily updates

We will be paying close attention to this ongoing situation and will be updating this article regularly to reflect the most appropriate information to maximise the safety of our users. 

Below is a list of relevant authorities to refer to. If your local authority is not included, please refer to their website directly.

We thank you for your understanding during this challenging time, and we encourage all users to prioritise their health. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns or questions.

World Health Organization (WHO)



People’s Republic of China





New Zealand


South Korea


United Kingdom

United States


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