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What happens to my Stanzazoo account?
What happens to my Stanzazoo account?

Will my Stanzazoo account automatically appear on HousingAnywhere?

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Stanzazoo is moving offline as of 8 February 2021. Your account on the platform will be deleted on 7 February 2021. Learn here how you can easily create an account on HousingAnywhere.

What are the main differences between the platforms?

HousingAnywhere is an online booking platform for accommodation with a mission of making moving abroad more simple. Since it works differently than Stanzazoo, we have prepared some key points to help you navigate our user-friendly platform.

Is HousingAnywhere free?

It's free to search for a place on HousingAnywhere. How much you pay to book a place depends on which country the property is in.

  • For properties in The Netherlands: You can buy a subscription (from €26 to €68) to chat with landlords. Once you have a subscription, you no longer have to pay any other fees to HousingAnywhere.

  • For properties in other countries: You can contact landlords free of charge. You only pay when you’re ready to book. We charge a fee of 25%–30% of one month’s rent (minimum of €165) once your booking is completed.

These fees allow us to maintain our website and pay our employees, who work hard to make your experience even better. Find out how the HousingAnywhere platform works here.

Can I visit the accommodation before booking?

The platform was created for internationals, by internationals. When you do find a place you like, please keep in mind that we do not allow in-person viewings. This means that no one is disadvantaged based on where they live. To protect you, we have our secure payment system in place which ensures you get what you booked. For more information about this, please click here.

Can I set up an advertisement to find a roommate?

Please note that it is not possible to find other roommates via HousingAnywhere. If you would like to find someone to sublet your accommodation when moving abroad to avoid losing your place and double rent you can advertise your property(with your landlord's permission, of course). Find out how to do so here.

How can I contact the advertisers?

We value your online safety and therefore protecting our users' safety and ensuring that they do not fall victim to scams is one of HousingAnywhere's priorities. This is why, until a booking has been made, it is not permitted to share contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, Skype names, Facebook links, etc. Upon completion of the booking, the contact details will be shared with you. Find out more information about this here.

If you have found the place that you want, you can contact an advertiser by clicking on the purple "Contact Advertiser" button which can be found on the advertiser's profile on the listing you are interested in. Write a message to introduce yourself and show your interest in the accommodation and submit. Through our platform, you can discuss the rental period, deposits, etc. directly with the advertiser via our secure, real-time messaging service.

Got a question or some feedback? We'd love to hear from you! To get in touch, just use our Contact page.

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