What are Rent payments?

Rent payments are a new way to collect monthly rent in a more straightforward and structured way.

New with Rent payments

Based on the contract type you set and the tenant’s move-in and move-out dates, HousingAnywhere will automatically calculate the total rent and divide it into equal monthly rent payments, due on the same date every month.

Once you enable advanced pricing for a listing, all your listings will show the automatically calculated rent payments as the rent.

Why Rent payments?

Our research shows that tenants like to pay the same amount for rent every month. When a listing has fluctuating prices, it causes confusions that can lead to fewer bookings, more cancellations, and a poor tenant experience.

With Rent payments, the tenant will always pay the same amount for rent every month.

Contract types and Rent payments

How contract types work

  • Daily contract — you charge rent only for the number of days a tenant stays.
  • Fortnightly — If the tenant stays for less than 14 days, you charge half a month’s rent; if more than 14 days, a full month’s rent.
  • Monthly — you charge a full month’s rent regardless of the move-in or move-out dates.

Contract type determines the rent payment amount

With basic pricing, when a booking is for full months (tenant moves in at the 1st of a month and moves outs at the end of a month), the rent payment will equal the amount you set as the monthly rent.


When the booking includes partial months (the move-in date is not the 1st of a month and/or the move-out date is not the last of a month), the contract type determines the total rent, the equal monthly rent payment, and the due dates.


With rent payments, you always collect the same amount for rent on the same date every month.

You and your tenants can see the payment overview at every stage of the booking process.

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