Did I get scammed by HousingAnywhere?
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We totally understand that you can feel this way. First and foremost, we are deeply sorry that this situation happened to HousingAnywhere customers, who trusted us in finding their new homes.

It is our regret to say that this incident also shocked us when we got alerted on 29 October by the message sent by 'who claimed to be Co-liCo's new owner and managing director, that their bookings will be postponed for an indefinite period of time due to the change of the company's management. Co-liCo has been using our platform for successful bookings since 2021 as a legally registered and operating rental company and in regular contact with HousingAnywhere without a significant signal to suggest otherwise. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons and without prior notification, Co-liCo stopped honouring its commitment to our customers and HousingAnywhere overnight, causing a lot of distress to our customers.

Hence, at this moment, we are actively pursuing legal actions, including filing an official petition for bankruptcy against Co-liCo, and are in touch with local law enforcement to clarify this situation as soon and as thoroughly as possible. The decision will be made in the respectable court, which we will update here as soon as we proceed.

While this should not have happened in the first place and no words can fully recover our customer's distressed situation, we wish to remain transparent, by proactively updating everyone that may have been directly impacted by this situation on the actions that are being taken to clarify this situation as soon and as thoroughly as possible.

We will continuously update the article 'What is this ‘Co-liCo incident about?' as the investigation proceeds.

If you have any information about Co-liCo and/or this situation that you wish to share, for example, the proof of deposit payment, police reports, etc, and you feel comfortable sharing them with us, please do so via support@housinganywhere.com as your input will be highly valuable to speed up our investigation against Co-liCO.

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