Whether you choose advanced pricing or basic pricing, the tenant will always pay the full first month’s rent to book a place. This will be the case for all the contract types (daily, fortnightly, or monthly) regardless of the tenant’s move-in date.

Because the tenant will pay the full first month’s rent to book a place, any excess rent they pay in the first month is reduced from the second month’s rent.

Rent calculations in advanced pricing

Contract types

  • Daily contract — you charge rent only for the number of days a tenant stays.

  • Fortnightly — If the tenant stays for less than 14 days, you charge half a month’s rent; if more than 14 days, a full month’s rent.

  • Monthly — you charge a full month’s rent regardless of the move-in or move-out dates.

Example 1:

Contract type: Daily

Move-in date: 5 May

Move-out date: 29 October

Example 2:

Contract type: Fortnightly

Move-in date: 20 August

Move-out date: 29 December

Example 3:

Contract type: Monthly

Move-in date: 14 November

Move-out date: 15 March

You and your tenants can see the payment overview at every stage of the booking process.

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