Housing Anywhere provides a secure booking service for all of its users. After the tenant pays the first month rent to Housing Anywhere, we will keep it safe in our system. When the tenant arrives in the new room, he/she has 48 hours to check the room. If everything is OK, Housing Anywhere transfers the money to the advertiser. 

Here some of the advantages of using the system: 

  • Interaction with the tenants for free: You will not be charged for the use of the platform if you don't find a suitable tenant. Only once you have a confirmed booking, a small commission fee will apply.

  • A guarantee that your tenant will not cancel the booking: you make sure that your tenant will show up and rent your room. If he/she does not, he/she will not get reimbursed and you will still get the first month rent. Without our secure payment service, your tenant may cancel anytime and you would have to start your tenant search over.

  • Check the solvency of your tenant: your tenant is able to pay the first month rent + the fee. This is a first indicator of their level of resources. You will minimize the risk of having a tenant in financial difficulties.

  • International payments facilitated: money transfers from a country outside the EU to an EU country may be slow and complicated. Our secure payment service facilitates these payments. You can make sure that you will receive your payment on time, no matter which country your tenant comes from.

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