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What are the advantages of booking a place on HousingAnywhere?
What are the advantages of booking a place on HousingAnywhere?

Check here to find out the advantages your students get by choosing a room on HousingAnywhere

Written by Erik Gruwel
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Note: the Tenant Protection fee does not apply for properties in The Netherlands. Learn more about the fees in the Netherlands.

HousingAnywhere has rooms offered in 30+ countries. It is free for your students to sign up, search for a room, and contact an advertiser, and your students are only charged once they have found a room. Our secure booking service enables students to transfer money to the advertiser safely, and they can get a full refund if the accommodation is not as described.

When your student books a room through HousingAnywhere, they transfer the first month's rent + Tenant Protection fee to HousingAnywhere. HousingAnywhere will hold the funds until the move-in date listed on the booking. When the student arrives in the new room, they have 48 hours to check if it is as advertised. If everything is OK, HousingAnywhere transfers the money to the advertiser.

Advantages for students

Peace of mind: HousingAnywhere provides many safeguards to protect tenants from being scammed. By paying outside HousingAnywhere, they are exposed to fraud risks such as money-transfer scams.

Secure payment: They do not transfer their payment to the advertiser’s account without seeing the room. HousingAnywhere keeps their money safe until they move into the room.

Online booking: Book their next home before arriving in their new city. They save on the cost of a few weeks in a hotel, meetings with agencies, visits, and administrative procedures. They just have to unpack their suitcase in a furnished room.

Guarantee that the room will be as described: When they move into their room, they have 48 hours to check it and notify HousingAnywhere of any problems. If the room is not as advertised on the listing when they booked it, they will be eligible for a full refund.

Get their new address several months in advance: When they are going on exchange abroad, a university may ask them for an address to validate their admission. They may also need it to get their visa if they come from a country outside the European Union.

Invoice: When they book with HousingAnywhere, they will receive an invoice for their booking. The invoice is for the Tenant Protection fee, and the description states the monthly rent. This can help them when applying for a visa, for example.

HousingAnywhere offers many benefits for your students. And if they have any questions or issues, we have customer service available in 10+ languages to make it even easier for them.

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