What services does HousingAnywhere cover?
Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

💡 You're thinking of using HousingAnywhere to rent out a place, and you're wondering how much of the process HousingAnywhere will cover.

HousingAnywhere brings together advertisers (you) and people looking for a place to live. We do not mediate between advertisers and tenants.

Once a booking is completed, you'll receive the email address and the phone number of the tenant. You can then confirm the final details of the booking, such as their time of arrival and key collection.

HousingAnywhere will transfer the first month's rent to you 48 hours after your tenant's move-in date.

We are not responsible for:

  • Check-in.

  • Key collection. 

  • Rental agreement. It's your responsibility to provide the tenant with a rental agreement. Find sample contracts on our Legal page. 

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