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What is HousingAnywhere (for tenants)?
What services does HousingAnywhere not provide? (for tenants)
What services does HousingAnywhere not provide? (for tenants)

Which services are excluded from the HousingAnywhere offer?

Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

HousingAnywhere is an online rental platform that connects homeseekers like you with landlords looking for someone to rent their place.

Once your booking is confirmed on HousingAnywhere, you'll receive each other’s contact details, including their email address and phone number.

From that point, your relationship works just like any other tenant-and-landlord relationship. HousingAnywhere’s role is almost complete. We'll only re-enter the picture if something goes wrong during your move in.

You and the landlord will confirm the final details — such as contract signing, check-in, and key transfer — outside of HousingAnywhere. Likewise, anything that comes up during the rental period is to be managed by you and the landlord.

Not included

Rental agreement

Rental agreement will be provided separately by the advertiser after booking is confirmed. The advertiser is contractually obliged to provide this outside of HousingAnywhere, as per our Terms & Conditions.

Check-in and key transfer

Check-in and key transfer to be coordinated between the tenant and advertiser.

Other responsibilities not related to booking

May include but not limited to: requesting fixes, cleaning, insurance, etc.

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