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What is HousingAnywhere (for advertisers)?
Why should I list my place on HousingAnywhere?
Why should I list my place on HousingAnywhere?

Reasons to list your place on HousingAnywhere

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HousingAnywhere has listings in over 30 countries, and we've partnered up with over 150 universities. We also have millions of visitors to our platform every year from all over the world.

Apart from that, here are some extra benefits you get from using HousingAnywhere:

  1. Save time: Find your next tenant online without needing to organize viewings

  2. Save money: By paying a lower commission fee than you would with an agency

  3. Easy to use: Communicate real-time with your potential tenants in our direct messaging system

  4. Security: Our landlord guarantee means you will receive the first month's rent even if the tenant cancels.

  5. International payments facilitated: Transferring money from outside the EU to an EU country can be slow and complicated. Our secure payment service enables these payments, ensuring that you will receive your payment on time, no matter which country your tenant comes from.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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