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How can I make my listings more competitive?
How can I make my listings more competitive?
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Did you know that putting extra time into creating your listing could get it booked three times faster? Here are the best tips for making your listings more competitive, transparent, and likely to attract tenants:

  • Add many high-quality pictures to make your Listing Gallery stand out. Since there’s no need for viewings when using HousingAnywhere, good-quality images of your property give prospective tenants a natural feel for the place. The multimedia gallery can be viewed full-screen by prospective tenants, so ensure that the photos you upload are transparent and provide valuable perspectives of your place.

  • It’s also possible to upload one video per listing. This is an even more engaging medium for users and gives a clear idea of how the flow of space works in your property. Just having a walk-through video tour attached to your listing indicates that you are a trustworthy advertiser that takes pride in your property. It also suggests that you will be a transparent and communicative landlord to rent from.

  • Upload a floor plan. A bird’s-eye view of your property offers prospective tenants an idea of the overall layout in a way that photos and videos cannot.

  • Add a detailed description. Make it eye-catching, thorough, and informative. Clearly explain what you have to offer. Are there any unique selling points to your property? Do you provide any extra services? Explaining everything necessary in the description will ensure you get applications from genuinely-interested candidates.

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