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How much do I have to pay when I book?
How much do I have to pay when I book?

Find out what is charged when a booking is confirmed

Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

Note: the Tenant Protection fee does not apply for properties in The Netherlands. Learn more about the fees in the Netherlands.

When you book through HousingAnywhere, you are charged the first month's rent, plus a one-time Tenant Protection fee. This combined total is immediately charged once a booking request is accepted. For more information regarding what happens to your first month's rent and how you are protected as a tenant by our secure payment guarantee, click here.

HousingAnywhere only transfers the first month’s rent to the advertiser 48 hours after you move in. As soon as you book with an advertiser, they become your landlord and may request further payments from you. Before completing your booking, we recommend asking the advertiser about additional costs and how and when they want these payments made, e.g. deposits or any other fees stated in the listing.

You can ask your landlord to send you payment requests (beyond the first month’s rent) in the chat for secure payments. You can read about this here.

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