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What is a payment request, and how can I pay it?
What is a payment request, and how can I pay it?

The advertiser sent me a payment request, how does it work?

Written by Alejandra
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HousingAnywhere supports payments meaning your landlord can send you requests for rent, deposits, and other fees via the platform's security. This feature comes at no extra cost to you or the landlord – it is free to use. 

Your landlord can send you a payment request in the direct chat. You will receive an email notification in addition to a system message. Simply pay directly from the chat or view the details and status of the request in your automatically-updated Payment Request Overview. 

HousingAnywhere will do the following:

  • Send you reminders in the lead up to a payment's due date (7 days before, 3 days before & on the due date itself)

  • Provide you with a Live Payment Tracking link so you can see exactly where your payment is whenever you need some peace of mind.

  • Securely hold any of your payments that are sent before you've moved in. Just like the first month’s rent, we will only payout the landlord 48 hours after you’ve arrived at the property.

You can fulfill payment requests using all major credit cards.

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