To send a payment request via the platform’s direct messaging service, the tenant must first have officially booked your property, i.e. paid the first month’s rent. After logging in, go to your inbox and select the conversation with your confirmed tenant to send a payment request. 

Within the system message that reads ‘Congratulations! Your place is officially booked’ you will see the option to ‘Request Payment’. After selecting this button you’ll be able to fill out all the details of the request, including:

  • Amount  
  • Title 
  • Description*
  • Due date 

When sending a payment request to a designated tenant, you will be able to see the tenant’s name, rental property and rental period when generating the request. When you’re happy with your request and have checked that all details are accurate, you can press ‘Send Payment Request.’ 

You will see a system message in the chat when your request has been successfully submitted, as well as the option to send another request to this tenant. If you wish to do this, simply click ‘Request Payment’ once more.

For more information check our How-To-Guide here

*not a required filled but a chance for you to elaborate upon the title of the request

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