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You can choose between 2 pricing systems for your listing, basic pricing (set one price for monthly rent) or advanced pricing (set custom monthly prices).

What is Advanced pricing?

Advanced pricing is new to our existing pricing system. You can now set different prices for different months to match the market demand.

It also comes with Rent payments, a new way to collect monthly rent in a more straightforward and structured way. We take the price you have set for each month and generate an average rental price to be paid by the tenant during their stay.

Why Rent payments?

Our research shows that tenants like to pay the same amount for rent every month. When a listing has fluctuating prices, it causes confusions that can lead to fewer bookings, more cancellations, and a poor tenant experience.

With Rent payments, the tenant will always pay the same amount for rent every month. Depending on your contract type, the rent payment might be slightly higher or lower.

Read more about Rent payments and how they're calculated.

When you choose advanced pricing for a listing, your account gets activated with Rent payments. This means that all your listings will show the automatically calculated rent payments as the rent.

You can edit each listing individually if you want to add different prices for different months.

How do I enable Advanced pricing?

You can enable Advanced pricing in 3 simple steps.

When editing or creating a listing

  • Go to the ‘Rent’ section.
  • Select ‘Advanced pricing’.

  • Fill in the rent for each month.

If you have questions, reach out to our support team!

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