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How HousingAnywhere works (for tenants)
Written by Daniel McLeod
Updated over a week ago

💡 You're considering using HousingAnywhere but would like more information before trusting our platform.

HousingAnywhere is an online rental platform that connects homeseekers (like you) with landlords. We help both sides achieve their renting goals — quick, online, and 100% safe.


What is HousingAnywhere, exactly?

We sometimes get asked, are you a real estate agency? The answer to that is no.

Think of us as a match-matching platform for the rental market. is an online platform homeseekers like you with landlords looking for tenants. So you can move to a new city or country with total peace of mind, knowing you'll have a safe home base.

Today, over 18 million people search for a home on HousingAnywhere each year. We partner with 300+ international universities. Our tech powers the rentals management system for 1,000s of property managers.

And as rental experts, we offer security and protection as a tenant.

How it works in a nutshell

1. Pick a few places

2. Message the landlord

3. Send a booking request

4. Pay, and it’s yours

Explore hundreds of high-quality rooms, studios, and apartments. Save favorites. Get alerts. Finding your dream home could not be easier.

Enjoy an online, private space for all conversations with the landlord. Ask questions, share information, and see how well you match.

Like a place and want to call it home? Send the landlord a booking request. You’ll know if it’s accepted or not within 48 hours.

Pay the first month’s rent to confirm your booking. We’ll protect your money until you’ve moved in and checked the place out.

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What services does HousingAnywhere provide for tenants?

Advanced search

Filter results, create alerts, and find your dream home.

Detailed listings

Before you book anything, you want to know all you can about your new place. Listings include all the details you need: videos, photos, floor plans, amenities, up-to-date availability, and translated descriptions.

Secure messaging

Our secure, real-time messaging system lets you chat with the advertiser from any device and forget third parties. Send and receive files — like IDs, references, or rental contracts — and get answers to all your questions.

Verified landlords

All advertisers must provide a phone number, email address, and verify their bank details. On top of that, to be awarded an ‘Excellent advertiser’ badge, they must have successfully rented out on our platform in the past.

Online bookings

Find and book a new home before you arrive in a new city. You'll save on the cost of short-term accommodation, meetings with agencies, viewings, and admin. Plus, you'll have an address in advance and an invoice for your payment — for any visa or registration needs.

Tenant Protection

With HousingAnywhere, you have 48 hours from your move-in date to let us know if the place is not as advertised. If it’s not, you’re covered by Tenant Protection.

What is Tenant Protection?

You’re guaranteed a stress-free move-in or your money back.

Stress-free move-in

If the landlord cancels last minute or delays your move-in, you’ll get help finding another place or a temporary hotel stay.

Quick support

If something goes wrong with your booking, we can help make it right.

Easy refund

We keep your payment safe until you move in. If the place doesn’t match the description, you’ll get a refund.

What services does HousingAnywhere not provide for tenants?

Once your booking is confirmed on HousingAnywhere, you'll receive each other’s contact details, including email address and phone number. From there, your relationship will work just like any other tenant-and-landlord relationship. It’s over to the two of you to confirm the final details outside of HousingAnywhere.

The following services are not included:

Rental agreement

Rental agreement will be provided separately by the advertiser after booking is confirmed. The advertiser is contractually obliged to provide this outside of HousingAnywhere, as per our Terms & Conditions.

Check-in and key transfer

Check-in and key transfer to be coordinated between the tenant and advertiser.

Other responsibilities not related to booking

May include but not limited to: requesting fixes, cleaning, insurance, etc.

Is HousingAnywhere free?

For properties in the Netherlands: Like most rental platforms in the Netherlands, we operate on a subscription model. You can buy a subscription (from €26 to €68) to message with advertisers. Once you have a subscription, you no longer have to pay any other fees to HousingAnywhere.

For properties in other countries: You can contact advertisers free of charge. You only pay when you're ready to book. Once your booking is completed, we charge 25%–40% of one month's rent (minimum of €165), plus a fee for Tenant Protection.

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