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Why are my listings not showing in the search results?
Why are my listings not showing in the search results?

You can't find your listing on the search page? This could be the reason

Written by Alejandra
Updated over a week ago has a search result page that shows the available listings for the dates and prices a user has searched for.

It is possible that your listing is not visible because:

  • The filters of the search don't match the information and availability of your listing: Make sure that your listing's availability is always up-to-date and accurate so that users can see it in their search. 

  • You have more than 5 active conversations with potential tenants: This means that the listing will not be shown in the search results. You can either decline or accept conversations to make sure you have a maximum of 5 active conversations for the listing. 

  • Your listing has been hidden by you or hidden due to inactivity: To fix this, please check your "Listings" page and ensure that your listing is marked as 'Listed', rather than 'Unlisted.'

For further information on this matter and some bonus tips, click here.

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