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How are response time and response rate calculated?
How are response time and response rate calculated?

Calculation of response time and response rate

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As an advertiser, there are 2 essential metrics related to your responsiveness, shown on your listings and your user profile: the response time and the response rate. These metrics are also used for our search ranking.

Response rate

The response rate calculates how many initial inquiries from tenants you reply to. Replying can be sending a message back to the tenant, taking action such as declining the tenant or making an invitation to book.

Response time

The response time calculates the average time between receiving the initial contact request from the tenant and your reply or action.

Interval used for calculation

For the calculation of both metrics, we use two different intervals. For active advertisers -- who have had more than 10 conversations in the past 4 weeks -- we calculate this number over this 4-week interval. For less active advertisers (who didn't have 10 conversations in the past 4 weeks), we take a 16-week interval for the calculations.

Want to improve your search ranking quickly? Make sure to be responsive! Be patient, though, as the calculations don't include conversations from the most recent 7 days (to not negatively affect your metrics directly after receiving contact requests).

Please check out this article for more information about why response rate and time are so important.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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