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What are tenant reviews?
What are tenant reviews?
Written by Nathalie de Groot
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What are tenant reviews?

Tenant Reviews are reviews left by your tenants. They cover the property, the communication between you and the tenant, and whether the property matches the listing.

You can use your Rating and the feedback from the reviews to create even better tenant experiences. Tenant reviews will help you show possible tenants why they should book with you, building more trust and leading to more bookings.

Where can I find tenant reviews?

You can find the tenant reviews in your Review Dashboard.

  • Click on your name on the top right;

  • Select Tenant Reviews on the menu that appears.

This will bring you to the dashboard (see image below), where you'll see an overview of all your reviews for every property you have advertised on HousingAnywhere.

How do tenants leave reviews on HousingAnywhere?

We invite tenants to leave a review at 2 moments: 7 days after their move-in date and 7 days after their move-out date.

In their review, tenants can rate different aspects of their stay and leave comments if they want to.

Tenants can also choose not to share their review until 30 days after their move-out date.

Can others see the reviews?

Reviews and your move-in rating are visible to tenants on your public advertiser profile. Your tenancy experience rating is only visible to you. On your dashboard, you can see what's visible to the public and what's visible only to you.

What if I disagree with a review?

Currently, reporting reviews is only available to advertisers who have listings in Spain and Italy. Over the coming year, this feature will be available in more countries.

You can either respond to your reviews or report them. In both cases, you need to open the review; there, you can find a textbox to write a reply or the ‘Report review’ button to report the review.

Reviews with a rating lower than 3 will be published after 3 days. This gives you time to respond.

If you want to report a review, read our Review Policy and learn how we handle reported reviews.

What is the Rating, and how can I improve it?

Your Rating is calculated based on all reviews left by tenants, but not every review has the same impact on your rating. Recent reviews have a bigger impact on your average rating than older reviews.

A way to improve your Rating is by going into your Reviews Dashboard and viewing the averages below the Rating. Here we have broken down your rating into different topics. This will help you quickly pinpoint where improvements can be made.

So, if you see your rating on Communication is 3 stars, you know something about your communication with tenants needs to be fixed. The next step is opening the reviews and reading what feedback is given. From here on, you have useful feedback to turn into strategies to improve your Rating. Once that's improved, you're well on your way to an Excellent Advertiser Badge and its advantages.

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