Some advertisers have the Excellent Advertiser Badge: why is that, and how can you qualify for a badge?

What is the Excellent Advertiser Badge?

The Excellent Advertiser Badge shows potential tenants that the advertiser is trustworthy. It helps create trust between you and your potential tenant because it shows that you reply quickly, have experience on HousingAnywhere, and are one of our top advertisers.

Does the Excellent Advertiser badge influence how listings perform on HousingAnywhere?

The badge does not influence the performance of your listings directly. The statistics required to qualify for the badge can influence your ranking, but the badge itself does not impact it.

It shows potential tenants that you're a verified advertiser and can be trusted. This might lead to more inquiries but is not guaranteed.

How do I qualify for the Excellent Advertiser Badge?

To qualify for the Excellent Advertiser Badge, you need to meet all the requirements below.

Do I need to apply for the badge?

No, you don't need to apply for the Excellent Advertiser Badge. Whether you meet the requirements will be assessed every day. Based on that, the badge will be awarded.

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