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How to become a Partner Tenant and get a discount
How to become a Partner Tenant and get a discount

💡 What is a Partner Tenant, how to become one, and what are the benefits

Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

Anyone who comes to HousingAnywhere via one of our partners can qualify as a Partner Tenant. This mostly applies to students attending one of our Partner Universities. Being a Partner Tenant entitles you to various benefits. Read on to learn more.

This article covers:

Who can become a Partner Tenant?

Students from our Partner Universities

If you’re attending one of our Partner Universities, you can sign up to HousingAnywhere using the sign-up link provided by your university.

Anyone referred to HousingAnywhere by one of our partners

When you’re referred to HousingAnywhere by one of our partners, they’ll share a sign-up link with you directly.

Haven't received a sign-up link?

If you haven’t received a sign-up link to HousingAnywhere, reach out to our partner directly. If you’re a student, this means getting in touch with your university contact.

Always use the special sign-up link provided by our partner. If you sign up normally — by going to — we won’t have any way of connecting you to our partner, and you won’t get a discount.

How to become a Partner Tenant

  1. Open the HousingAnywhere sign-up link provided by our partner (e.g., your university).

    1. Check your email for a link. If you haven’t received one, contact our partner directly. You’ll need this link to get a discount and other benefits.

  2. Follow the steps to create a HousingAnywhere account.

  3. After creating an account, you’ll automatically become a Partner Tenant.

Want to check that you’re a Partner Tenant? After following the instructions above, log in and go to your Profile (top right). You’ll see a Partner Tenant badge under your name.

Benefits of being a Partner Tenant


Partner Tenants get a discount on our Tenant Protection fee or Subscription fee. This means it’s cheaper to book a place on HousingAnywhere.

Highlighted profile

A Partner Tenant badge highlights your profile to advertisers. When you send a message or a booking request, your badge lets the advertiser know that you’re a trusted tenant.

Priority support

Got questions? Email Customer Care at and enjoy priority support.

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