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What is HousingAnywhere's Tenant Protection fee, and when do I pay?
What is HousingAnywhere's Tenant Protection fee, and when do I pay?

💡What Tenant Protection covers, how much it costs, when you pay, and what happens if your booking gets canceled

Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

Every booking on HousingAnywhere is covered by Tenant Protection. It's our way of making sure that, if anything goes wrong, you stay covered — no move-in stress, no unexpected costs.

You can think of Tenant Protection as our promise to you. Simply put, if something goes wrong with your booking, we’ll do our best to make it right.

Tenant Protection is automatically included in all bookings. It’s not possible to opt out. After all, an online rental marketplace like HousingAnywhere can only work if both sides — tenants and landlords — trust it 100%. Tenant Protection is our way of earning that trust, even if things don't go according to plan.

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What does Tenant Protection cover?

We know that booking a home without actually seeing it can be scary. You want to be absolutely positive that the place matches the listing and your money is safe.

Tenant Protection offers this peace of mind. Read what’s included in more detail here.

How much does Tenant Protection cost?

Tenant Protection is a one-time fee. It ranges between 25% – 40% of your first month’s rent.

When do I pay for Tenant Protection?

To confirm a booking, you’ll pay the first month’s rent plus a one-time Tenant Protection fee. We keep your money safe, and only transfer it to the advertiser 2 days after your move-in date, provided everything checks out.

If you’re looking to rent a place in the Netherlands, our Tenant Protection fee is covered in the cost of your subscription. Read more about our subscription plans.

If someone cancels, will you refund my Tenant Protection fee?

If the advertiser cancels your booking, we’ll refund all your money. This includes your first month’s rent plus our Tenant Protection fee and any other payments you may have sent via HousingAnywhere connected to your booking.

If you cancel the booking, our Tenant Protection fee is generally non-refundable. You can check our cancellation policies for more information.

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