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Can I select different payout methods for different listings?
Can I select different payout methods for different listings?

Payout routing gives you greater payout flexibility. Here’s how it works...

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We at HousingAnywhere have made it our mission to create tools to help you take control of your payout preferences. Payout routing is developed for our advertisers to link listed properties to different payout methods. This means you can pick a specific payout method for a specific listing.

We have made an informative video to show you how to use this feature.

How can I add multiple payout methods?

On the top right, click on the drop-down menu over your name and select Payout Settings. You will see your payout methods overview and the Add new option on the top right.

The first payout method you create will be the default and be linked to all your listings. You can click Add new again to add more payout methods.

All new payout methods must be verified before they can be used for routing. If you see in your payout method overview that a method is ‘Pending’, it can not yet be used. Please check your email to verify the methods.

What is the difference between default and other payout methods?

The default payout method (usually the first one added) is used to send all the payouts for all listings that have not been linked to any of your other methods.

The “other” methods will not be used unless you explicitly route listings to them. Then, all payouts related to that specific listing (booking payouts, payouts for payment requests) will be sent to the linked method.

How does payout routing work?

To route listings to payout methods, you should already have saved all your payout methods. From there, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  • Click on “# listings routed” or on the chain icon on each payout method.

  • Click on Add listing either in the middle of the screen (if the payout method doesn't have any routing yet) or on the top right corner of the screen (if it already has some routed listings).

  • Use the search bar to filter through your listings. You can search by address, alias, listing ID, city, etc. Click on Add on the listings you want to route to that payout method or add all the results by clicking on Add all listings below the search bar.

  • Click on Confirm listings.

  • Your listings are now routed to the payout method.

  • Repeat with each payout method as necessary.

Can I route payment request payouts?

Yes, when creating the Payment Request, you can select by which payment method you want to receive the payout. In case you don’t choose an explicit payout method, we will apply our Smart Routing:

  • Send the funds to the payout routed to the listing or,

  • If there’s no payout routed to the listing, we will send it to the default method.

For example: Suppose you want the deposit payout to go to one payment method but the monthly rents to be sent to a different one. First, create a Payment Request with an explicit routing to the Deposit’s payout method. Then, create a Payments plan for the monthly rents using Smart Routing.

Important: When selecting an explicit payout method, it will be kept unchanged even if you alter the listing routing.

For more information on Payment requests, check this video.

Can I edit the routing of a listing?

Yes, you can edit the routing of your payouts by linking and unlinking listings from the payout method overview.

Please remember that any changes you make will affect upcoming payouts for bookings and payment requests linked to the specific listing. The payout will be sent to the method confirmed at the payout time.

Can I edit the payout method of a confirmed booking?

Yes, you can edit the payout method even after a booking has been confirmed. Simply reroute the listing to the payout method you want to use. You must make these changes at least 24 hours before the payout date.

Can I unlink a listing from the default payout method?

Listings need to be routed to either the default payout method or one of the other payment methods. If you want to unlink a listing from your default payout method, it must first be rerouted and linked to another available payout method. Unlinking a listing from a non-default method will automatically link it to the default method.

What happens if I delete a payout method with routed listings?

If you delete a non-default payout method, all the listings linked to that method will be rerouted to the default method. If you want to delete your default payout method, you must first set another method as your default.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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