If you have a large inventory and want particular listed properties to have particular payout methods, you can assign your listings to different payout methods. 

Every advertiser has a default payout method (typically, the first created). If you have multiple payout methods, you can update your default to another method. Unless indicated otherwise, each listing will be linked to your default payout method. 

You can manage all your payment routing from your payout method overview. To get to it, you must select ‘Payout settings’ from the drop-down menu next to your name in the navigation bar. If you only have one default payout method, you must first add new payout methods in order to be able to re-route your payments.

All new payout methods that you add must first be verified before they can be linked to, i.e. used for routing. If you see in your payout method overview that a method is ‘Pending’ then it can not yet be re-routed to from the default.

Next to each payout method is a small link or chain icon. Here you can link, unlink and add your properties to your payout methods. Search your listing inventory by name, alias or location.


  • If you wish to unlink a listing from your default payout method, it must be re-routed and linked to another available payout method in order for the unlinking action to be completed. Likewise, if you unlink a listing from a non-default method, it will be automatically linked to the default method. 
  • If you wish to delete a non-default payout method, all the listings linked to that method will be re-routed to the default method. If you wish to delete your default payout method, then you must first select another method as your default. 

Go to your payout method overview to start your payout routing.

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