How do I pay for a subscription?
Written by Nagranee Channa
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If you want to book a property in The Netherlands, you have to choose a subscription plan.

You can use either of the 2 payment methods to pay for your subscription:

  1. Credit or debit card

  2. iDeal

Automatic renewal

If you need more time to find the perfect place, don't worry. You won't have to do anything about your subscription; it will automatically renew. As soon as you find your dream home, you can cancel your subscription anytime for free.

If you choose the 2-week plan, your payment method is charged every 15 days. If you choose the 1-month plan, your payment method is charged monthly on the same date you started the subscription.

If you pay with:

  • Credit card: We'll charge the same card on each renewal date.

  • iDEAL: We'll use a Direct Debit to charge your bank account.

We'll send you an email 7 days before the renewal date about the upcoming renewal. You can also see when your plan will renew on the Subscription page.

Suppose the card is no longer available or the payment fails. In that case, we'll pause your subscription, and you can start it again anytime.

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