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Can I send multiple booking requests?
Written by Daniel McLeod
Updated over a week ago

💡 You want to send multiple booking requests to increase your chances of getting a place.

Yes, you can send as many booking requests as you like. There is no limit, and you’ll only ever be charged once, as only one booking can be confirmed at a time.

A booking will be confirmed for whichever place accepts you first. All other booking requests will be automatically canceled, and the advertisers will be informed why.

Here's an example

Say you’re interested in two places, A and B. You send a booking request to A first, then send a second booking request to B.

Now, imagine the advertiser for B accepts your booking request. Your payment will go through automatically to confirm your booking at B. At the same time, we’ll automatically cancel your booking request for A — so the advertiser can no longer accept it, even if they wanted to.

Keep in mind, a booking request is an official request to rent. By entering your payment details and sending a booking request, you are committing to renting a place in the event that the advertiser accepts.

Once the advertiser accepts, your payment will go through and your booking will be confirmed. For this reason, it’s important to only send booking requests for places you would be happy to rent.

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