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How does HousingAnywhere differ from housing Facebook groups?
How does HousingAnywhere differ from housing Facebook groups?

Check here to find out how HousingAnywhere is different from a group.

Written by Alejandra
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Facebook groups are often used by students as a place to find a room to rent or to find another student to rent out their space to. While these are great in many ways, there are serious drawbacks to your students’ safety and security.

Here’s why HousingAnywhere is a better option for your students:

  • We have a dedicated team of internationals on hand to support your student through our service and provide advice, something impossible with Facebook.

  • Our Secure Booking Service means students are guaranteed to get the room they book online. The advertiser only receives the student’s rent payment after they’ve moved in. Unregulated Facebook groups, on the other hand, are an easy target for housing scammers.

  • Our platform makes it easy to compare different accommodation options.

  • Our map interface lets students see how far a room or apartment is from their university.

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