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Why is my payout different than I expected?
Why is my payout different than I expected?
Written by Alejandra
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The main reason your payout would be different than you expected could be due to the commission fee charged for every booking. You can find out more about this here

If you received a different amount of money than you expected, it could be due to either one (or a combination) of the following 3 reasons:  

  1. Conversion rates from Euros to USD, SEK, DKK, ISK, etc. When HousingAnywhere sends money via bank transfer, we send an amount in Euros that is equivalent to the other currency's amount, according to that day's conversion rate. On the day your bank pays you out, the rates may differ from when the money was transferred, resulting in a lower amount. 

  2. Your bank may or may not charge you conversion costs for receiving foreign bank transactions (you should ask about this with your bank).  

  3. Costs for international payment traffic. In simple terms: with international bank transactions, when a payment is sent to you and passes our national borders, it goes through other banks your bank cooperates with before reaching your bank. There are costs related to this which you, as a client, accept.  

You can contact your bank in advance to get more information about their fees and consider increasing your monthly rent price to cover these costs.  

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