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What happens after I send a Payment Request to a tenant?
What happens after I send a Payment Request to a tenant?

When will the tenant pay?

Written by Alejandra
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Once you send a payment request to your tenant, your tenant will be notified of the request in 2 ways:

  • a system message (in the chat with you) 

  • an email 

Depending on your selected due date, our system will handle the notifications, and send reminders to the tenant 7 days before the due date, 3 days before and on the due date itself. After submitting a request, you can find it in your payment overview.

You can schedule a payment request to be paid by a tenant before they move into your property. In this instance, your selected due date for the payment will remain unaltered and our automated reminders will be sent to the tenant as usual. 

For security reasons and to protect tenants against fraudulent listings, we will securely hold the payment until 48 hours after their official move-in. Once this time has passed and the tenant has reported no issues, we will pay out the request to you.

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