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What are identical units?
What are identical units?

How to create and manage multiple units for your properties

Written by Nagranee Channa
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What are identical units?

Note: Identical Units is a 'Feature-by-request'. If you want to learn more about Identical Units and turn it on for your account, you can contact your Account Manager.

An identical unit is any property in the same location that is identical in price, area, and facilities.

When listing your property on HousingAnywhere, you can choose between 2 options:

  1. One listing for one property (Standard listing).

  2. One listing with many identical units.

If you own or manage many identical properties in the same location, choose option One listing with many identical units. This way, you can create a listing just once and add many units to it. Each unit will share the same listing details page but have individual availability calendars.

For example, let's say you have 5 identical studios in one building. You can create one listing and add 5 identical units.

On the search result page, potential tenants will see one listing representing all of the 5 studios.

How to manage the units

You can add or delete units in a listing. You can also give the units unique names to differentiate them from each other. This will be helpful when managing their availability or booking requests.

You can manually manage each unit's availability from the Listing calendar or import or export an iCal for each unit.

Like a standard listing, units also have minimum and maximum rental periods.

How to receive messages and booking requests for units

Only you can see the availability information of the units.

When tenants search for a place, they will see your listing with units as a regular listing.

When you receive a booking or message request, the system considers the availability of all units and assigns the most suitable unit to the conversation.

For example, if Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3 are unavailable for the next 12 months, but Room 4 and Room 5 are available, your listing will be shown on the search result page, and tenants can send you a booking request.

When you receive a message from a tenant, the system automatically checks which units are available and assigns the conversation to this unit.

Suppose multiple tenants get assigned to the same unit, and one of them confirms a booking. The system will automatically check for other available units and reassign the other conversations to this unit.

When a booking is confirmed, availability for the assigned unit gets updated automatically.

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