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What is HousingAnywhere? (for advertisers)

Find out more about HousingAnywhere and our history

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HousingAnywhere is an online rental platform that connects advertisers (like you) with potential tenants. We help both sides achieve their renting goals — quick, online, and 100% safe.

What is HousingAnywhere, exactly?

We sometimes get asked, are you a real estate agency? The answer is no.

We’re a safe space where tenants can find their mid-to-long term home and connect with landlords or property managers, like you.

Think of us as a match-matching platform for the rental market. And as rental experts, we offer security and protection to our advertisers.

How HousingAnywhere benefits you, as an advertiser

Are you looking to…

What services does HousingAnywhere provide?

Save time

Find your next tenant online, without hosting a single viewing.

Save money

Our commission fees are lower than agencies’.

Reduce admin

Message in real time with potential tenants in HousingAnywhere.

Expand your reach

Get access to verified tenants thanks to our partnerships with more than 160 universities worldwide.

Increase rent security

Say goodbye to last-minute cancellations. We’ve got you covered — the first month’s rent is guaranteed.

Accept international payments

Transferring money from outside the EU to an EU country can be slow and complicated. Our secure payment service enables these payments, so you’ll receive your payment on time, no matter which country your tenant comes from.

Who can use HousingAnywhere?

HousingAnywhere is Europe’s largest booking platform for mid and long-term rentals. By joining HousingAnywhere, you get access to our verified pool of international students and working professionals looking for accommodation. Get started here.

What services does HousingAnywhere offer?

HousingAnywhere brings together advertisers and tenants. We do not mediate between them. Once a booking is confirmed, you'll receive the email address and the phone number of the tenant. You can then confirm the final details of the booking, such as their time of arrival and key collection.

HousingAnywhere will transfer the first month's rent to you 48 hours after your tenant's move-in date, provided your place matches the listing.

We are not responsible for:

Rental agreement

It's your responsibility to provide the tenant with a rental agreement. Find sample contracts on our Legal page.

Check-in and key transfer

Check-in and key transfer to be coordinated between the tenant and advertiser.

Other responsibilities not related to booking

May include but not limited to: managing fixes, cleaning, insurance, etc.

Is HousingAnywhere free?

You can list your place on HousingAnywhere and message with tenants for free. We charge a small, one-time commission fee of approximately 25% of the first month’s rent per booking. This commission fee is automatically deducted from your payout.

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