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What is HousingAnywhere (for tenants)?
Who can use HousingAnywhere? (for tenants)
Who can use HousingAnywhere? (for tenants)

💡 You're wondering if you can use HousingAnywhere to find your next home.

Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

Anyone can use HousingAnywhere to view listings and rent a place. We operate in 18 countries and so far over 100,000 people have found their homes on HousingAnywhere.

We believe everyone should have an equal experience when it comes to renting in a new city, which is why our booking process is 100% online — so you can find your next home before you move.

On the other side of our rental marketplace, we keep you safe by verifying the identities of all advertisers who list a place on HousingAnywhere.

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