The fees you'll pay depends on the country you’re moving to.

If you're looking for a place in The Netherlands:

There is no service fee if you're booking a property in The Netherlands. Instead, you can buy a subscription. Read more about our subscription plans

If you're looking for a place in any other countries:
HousingAnywhere charges a small booking fee at approximately 25% of one month of rent (minimum of €150 and capped at €250). This is a one-time fee that is only charged once you book your new home. It’s totally free to search the platform, use the features and contact advertisers. 

This is a one-time fee based on one month of rent and will be paid in addition to the first month's rent when you book a place.

This fee helps us maintain a safe and operational marketplace, and entitles you to the benefits of our secure booking system.

As we strive to keep you safe, your payment of the first month's rent will only be transferred to the advertiser 48 hours after you have moved into your new home.

This fee also allows us to pay our wonderful team who spend their time making sure the service we offer to you is constantly improving. 

If the Advertiser cancels the booking, the fee will be fully refunded. If you cancel the booking, the fee is generally non-refundable. You can check our cancellation policy for more information.

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