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Is HousingAnywhere a real estate agency?
Is HousingAnywhere a real estate agency?
Written by Erik Gruwel
Updated over a week ago

No, we're not a real estate agency. We don't own any of the properties advertised on HousingAnywhere. HousingAnywhere is an online platform connecting homeseekers like you with landlords looking for tenants. So you can move to a new city with total peace of mind, knowing you'll have a safe home base.

You can think of us as a match-making platform for the rental market. We help both sides, tenants and landlords, achieve their renting goals — quick, online, and 100% safe.

Today, over 18 million people search for a home on HousingAnywhere each year. We partner with 300+ international universities. And our tech powers the rentals management system for 1,000s of property managers.

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